About Us
Capt. K.N. Deboo
( Director and Principal )

Ships include the largest and most complex man-made structures on the planet. They operate in a wide range of harsh environments and they carry 90% of the world's trade. Even small ships have a complex structure and many systems for navigation, propulsion and machinery, cargo handling and crew support.

For anyone working in the shipping business, a good understanding of how the ships operate is invaluable. For this a base of sound knowledge of the technology involved and the parameters under which to operate is essential.

At Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre we strongly believe that Training of the shipstaff is one of the most critical factors in achieving a safe, economical and profitable operation of a vessel.

The Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre (AEMTC) in Mumbai is certified under the Det Norske Veritas (D.N.V.'s) Quality Assurance rules for certification of training centres. It is the first training centre in India and fifth in the world to have achieved this distinction. These rules cover all relevant parts of ISO 9001 requirements. It was also the second training centre in the world to have undergone a rigorous quality benchmarking audit by DNV and came out with a distinction honour.

The Training centre conducts a range of maritime courses many developed in close consultation with shipboard officers, ship superintendents, ship operators and maritime regulators. All courses bring in a large element of practical knowledge and shipboard case studies to enhance the application of the knowledge in a real ship type environment.
The centre is affiliated to more than a dozen reputed and well know organizations and runs various accredited courses. It has developed customized training programmes for various companies and many e-learning and computer based training modules.

Anglo-Eastern Training Centre is the author of the MEETS - STCW computer based package for Deck Cadet and Engine Cadet Training now being marketed by Videotel.

Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre on behalf of the Indian Administration has written Twenty IMO Model Courses on topics such as Security, Tanker operations and Ballast water management.

As the chairing organisation for GlobalMET in India, AEMTC has assisted GlobalMET in revision of Model Courses 7.01, 7.02, 7.03 and 7.04 and the writing of the Cadet Record Book and associated Activity Workbooks under the STCW amendments.

AEMTC has successfully developed and delivered a comprehensive Safety Training Program for the Ship Recycling Industry at Alang, India, ship-handling simulator and safety training for the off-shore industry.
AEMTC has collaboration in conducting Engine Manufacturer's training courses in INDIA under their training division.
AEMTC also has many administration approved courses in its portfolio of courses.

To Mitigate the concern caused by the Pandemic, we have also started many webinar courses to assist Shipowners to deploy their crew onboard with adequate competence.

This website shall provide you information on the various courses that we conduct. In case you require further information please feel free to contact me anytime. Contact details are in given under CONTACT US.

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